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Zaporizhzhia airport is equipped with a video thermal control system

Zaporizhzhia International Airport is the international airport of Zaporizhzhia, which has two runways. The airport operates around the clock and is classified as a class B regional airport in Ukraine. It is located within the city, about 15 km from the central part of Zaporizhzhia. In 2020, the airport's passenger traffic amounted to 326 thousand people.

An intelligent video temperature measurement system was installed at Zaporizhzhia International Airport. The project was contracted by IT-Integrator.

The system performs contactless thermal screening and detects the presence of a mask on the passenger’s face. The image from five Mobotix smart thermal cameras is displayed on the monitors of video surveillance control rooms and medical staff.

The cameras are configured to measure the temperature in the lacrimal canal area, as this is the closest to the internal temperature of the human body. According to the airport’s representatives, similar equipment is already in operation at the new airport in Istanbul and in Milan’s Malpensa.

Ruslan Artemov, Deputy Director of the Airport for IT: “If a deviation from the set temperature or the absence of a protective mask is detected, the camera emits an audible and visual signal that serves as a notification to the staff and is the reason for additional checks of the person entering the airport premises. With the automated thermal screening system, we have achieved the desired throughput of airport entrances during the pandemic. We can measure the temperature of up to 20 people at a time in the flow. We have received a flexible and cyber-secure integrated solution of German quality.”

Dmytro Pastushok, Director of the Eastern Regional Office, leader of the Smart & Safe City direction at IT-Integrator: “The video system allows us to record the scanning of all passengers. In total, we have equipped the airport with 5 sets of cameras with thermal imagers that will determine the temperature of objects in the range from 30 to 45 degrees. We are confident that this technological solution will significantly improve the safety and security of our airport passengers during the pandemic.”

The contract for the supply of equipment was concluded on January 6. Thus, IT-Integrator specialists implemented the system in less than 4 months from the date of signing the contract.

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