“IT-Integrator” is the largest developer
and a provider of IT solutions for corporate
and public sectors
in Ukraine.


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IT-Integrator is the largest Ukrainian developer and supplier of IT solutions for the public and commercial sectors in Ukraine.

IT-Integrator combines the expertise of more than 50 global vendors to transform society’s challenges into technological solutions in the following areas: cyber security, network, server and cloud infrastructure, communications and IoT, engineering infrastructure, production of protected equipment, etc. The company has a unique experience of industry implementations for industry, public and energy sectors, medicine, education and urban infrastructure within the framework of the development of smart&safe cities architecture.

Confirming its own sustainability, in 2022 the company generated turnover at the level of 1.4 billion hryvnias.

In the fight for the independence of the Ukrainian people, IT-Integrator continues to implement high-tech projects for the critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

Learn more about innovation for success and development of the new technological world at www.it-integrator.ua.

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We understand that personnel is the basis of our company, thanks to which we achieve success in the market. We develop our talents and value each employee.

If you see yourself as part of our team, send your resume to: hrn@itintegrator.ua.

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