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Sich Collegium is equipped with new STEM laboratory equipment

The Zaporizhzhia Specialised Boarding School of II-III Degrees “Sich Collegium” was established in 1992. It is under the care of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. The Collegium reproduces and updates the social and pedagogical traditions of the Cossacks through a system of educational studios. The institution's work is based on the idea of national education of the elite of the nation and the preparation of children for independent living.

IT-Integrator acted as a supplier of equipment for the school techno-laboratory (STEM-laboratory) of the Sich Collegium in Zaporizhzhia.

For the third academic year in a row, students of this institution have been able to work with electronics kits – programmable electronic modules and 3D printers – because the STEM approach helps teach children to live in the real world, which is changing extremely fast and in which everything is interconnected.


Now, with the help of the STEAM lab equipment, students together with their mentors develop modelling skills, design, study robotics and program Codey Rocky, Micro:bit BBC and Lego MINDSTORMS robots, work on STEM projects such as SMART City, Breathing is the Basis of Life, Smart Home, and integrated projects in mathematics, physics, biology, and art. At the same time, students study natural sciences by conducting experiments using their own models and devices, create models and print them on a school 3D printer.

“Thanks to the collaboration on the STEM lab equipment and methodological support from IT-Integrator, the college teachers were able to change their view of modern education, focusing on practical skills and teamwork. When we launched the STEM labs, we received not only equipment for integrated STEAM learning, but also software, service support, manuals and trainings for teachers,” says Olha Adzhymian, computer science teacher and STEM project coordinator at the Sich Collegium Boarding School in Zaporizhzhia.


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