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IT-Integrator upgraded the dispatching infrastructure of DTEK Kyiv Electric Grids

DTEK Kyiv Grids operates in Kyiv and serves more than 1.2 million customers. These are almost all residents and businesses of the capital. The company transmits more than 8.9 billion kWh of electricity per year.

IT-Integrator has modernised the IT infrastructure of DTEK Kyiv Grids’ central dispatching room. As part of the project, for the first time in Ukraine, professional Samsung Odyssey G9 monitors will be used for round-the-clock online monitoring.


The operator of the electricity distribution system DTEK Kyiv Grids operates in Kyiv and serves more than 1.2 million customers. These are almost all residents and businesses in the capital. The dispatch center of the enterprise coordinates the work of the entire network of the capital. The dispatchers work on a shift schedule around the clock, and the equipment operates in a 24x7x365 mode, in real time.

The dispatchers’ shift lasts 12 hours. That is why it was very important for the company to modernise the workplaces and equip them with the highest quality and modern monitors that allow employees to work with monitors for a long time with eye comfort and continuously monitor the status of all critical energy facilities.

As part of the centre’s modernisation project, IT-Integrator equipped the dispatchers’ workstations with 16 new modern Samsung Odyssey G9 monitors with curved screens. The peculiarity of this professional gaming monitor is that it has a 48.9″ display diagonal and can replace 2-3 conventional devices. According to the manufacturer, the curvature of the screen with a curvature radius of 1000R fully corresponds to the curvature of the human eye lens, which ensures maximum image realism and eye comfort. In addition, 16 Samsung monitors with a diagonal of 32” were installed at the dispatchers’ workplaces.

The new monitors made it possible to replace 2-3 outdated devices at each workplace, as they allow you to have several full-fledged working windows on one device at all times, which is much more convenient than working on multiple monitors.

As part of the project, IT-Integrator also deployed a new video wall for the central dispatch centre. It is assembled from 15 professional 55″ Samsung LCD panels with a 0.44 mm thick bezel, which form a single screen with a resolution of 9600 x 3249 pixels without joints. The wall displays up-to-date information on the status of all major high-voltage power grid facilities in real time.

“IT-Integrator has been cooperating with the country’s largest energy companies, including DTEK Kyiv Electric Grids, for many years. This project is very important for us, as it is the first case in Ukraine where Samsung professional gaming monitors are used by a large-scale industrial holding. We are confident that the company’s dispatchers will be able to fully appreciate the convenience and quality of these monitors. We predict that soon this non-standard usage profile will be used by corporate customers not only from the energy sector, but also from other industries,” comments Nadiia Omelchenko, Vice President of IT-Integrator.


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