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Infrastructure for the new office of Capgemini Engineering in Lviv

The Capgemini Engineering team consists of more than 52,000 engineers and scientists in more than 30 countries working on projects in the space and aerospace industries, automotive, telecommunications, energy, lifesciences, logistics, defense, manufacturing and consumption, software and the Internet.

By order of the Capgemini Engineering company, “IT-Integrator” completed the deployment of a number of engineering and technological systems in the office premises of the Viking Park complex in Lviv, including a structured cable network, a wireless Wi-Fi network, a video surveillance and access control system.

Modern technologies, comfortable territory, productive infrastructure – all this is combined in an organized workspace that ensures uninterrupted and safe work for Capgemini Engineering employees.

The customer carefully approached the design of the future placement of workplaces for his staff, the number of which was 250 according to the plan. The SCS deployment was implemented on the basis of Panduit and OBO Bettermann components and equipment. As required by the ergonomics of a modern office space, the main cable routes are laid under the false floor in metal perforated trays. After the installation work, the “IT-Integrator” engineering team measured the cable lines with a reflection in the relevant protocols, prepared the executive documentation, approved it and handed it over to the customer for further operation.

As part of the work carried out, the new segments of the SCS meet the requirements of the current standards, namely:

  • ISO /IEC 11801 – telecommunication systems
  • DSTU ISO/IEC 11801 – information technologies
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B – Telecommunication cabling systems for commercial premises
  • EN 50310-2016, EN 50173, EN 50174 and EN 50600 – requirements for cable systems

In accordance with the customer’s business objectives, cable lines (category 6a U/FTP) were additionally installed to connect video conferencing equipment in the meeting rooms of the office.

The indoor Wi-Fi network covers 21 access points with two high-speed ports of 10 Gbps each. This system provides wireless Internet access to an area of 1,500 m².

As a result of the works, the implemented system of control and management of access to premises of various purposes has 14 points. This system was built and launched on the basis of the IR solution of the manufacturer Suprema, which is known in the world for biometrics, timekeeping and access control technologies.

The video surveillance system was built on the basis of category 6a U/FTP cable and includes 16 surveillance cameras.

Taras Maksymovych, Senior Systems Engineer, IT Department Capgemini Engineering: “We successfully implemented the task of launching our new office in cooperation with the IT-Integrator team – Lviv. This is not our first experience of interaction, therefore, as expected, the entire range of works from disassembly and assembly, start-up and commissioning was done with quality and on time. Today, the systems are working stably, they not only help us to control and ensure safety at the facility, but also allow us to analyze and optimize various work processes.”


Oleg Katola, director of the western regional management and branch in Lviv, “IT-Integrator”: “Our team has systematically cooperated with Capgemini Engineering branches in various cities of Ukraine for many years, having proven itself as a reliable supplier of IT projects of various directions and scales. We are glad to become again useful and help with own expertise in the development of the company, which creates advanced technologies for customers around the world.”

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