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Safe city of Bohodukhiv

Bohodukhiv is the administrative centre of the Bohodukhiv community in Kharkiv region, located in the north-western part of Kharkiv region on the banks of the Merlo River. According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 878 of July 26, 2001, Bohodukhiv was included in the list of historical settlements of Ukraine.

Another Ukrainian city reports on the first results on the way to building an innovative community, a technological and safe environment for its citizens.

This is another joint achievement of the local authorities of Bohodukhiv, Kharkiv region, and IT-Integrator, which has been working for many years to develop and implement a modern approach to the arrangement of information infrastructure and develop the so-called Safe City-Safe Country concept.

The Safe City of Bohodukhiv project includes a set of measures aimed at equipping streets, transport interchanges and crowded places with video surveillance cameras, accumulating video data and, if necessary, transferring it via secure channels to the relevant services for response.

At the design stage of the system, consultative cooperation was carried out with law enforcement agencies, including the police, whose primary task is to prevent and quickly disclose the offense.

The technical solution included the installation of 70 Uniview video cameras at the entrances and throughout the city, Vezha licence plate recognition software that integrates with the hardware and software of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, monitors, recorders, a server rack, etc. Thanks to the structured fibre-optic cable network built by the city, it is now possible to implement various modern projects integrated into the new system in the future, as well as to connect the electronic document management system and the system of citizens’ appeals to the authorities “Electronic Mayor”.

Uniview is one of the leaders in the field of IP video surveillance. In 2018, the company was ranked 4th in the global market in its field. It is distinguished from its competitors by the simultaneous combination of power, flexibility and ease of management, along with a high level of information security of data transmission channels and extensive scalability.

At a meeting of the executive committee of the Bohodukhiv City Council, Mayor Volodymyr Bielyi informed that the cameras, which have been installed so far only in Bohodukhiv, provide high-quality video surveillance with car licence plate recognition and, if necessary, signal the special authorities.

“From now on, in case of committing offenses, no one will be able to avoid responsibility. We will not stop there and will continue to develop this area. Not only the city, but also the entire community should be safe,” said the city mayor.

The executive committee of the Bohodukhiv City Council promises to report on the further development of the Safe City project on the official website of the city council after they are published within the time limit established by law.

Dmytro Pastushok, Director of the Eastern Regional Office, IT-Integrator: “Security is the first issue on the way to rebuilding a responsible society. The installation of modern video monitoring equipment on the streets not only increases responsibility in case of incidents, but also works to prevent them. The project was implemented in 3 months, with the active support of the Kharkiv Regional Council, and is a great example for other communities and regions of Ukraine on how to start rebuilding safe cities on a small budget.”

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