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IT-Integrator started the implementation of the Safe City project in Kremenchuk

Kremenchuk is a city of regional subordination in Poltava region of Ukraine, the administrative centre of the Kremenchuk district. In terms of population, it ranks 29th in Ukraine and is included in the list of historical settlements of our country.

The official web portal of the Kremenchuk City Council of the Kremenchuk District of Poltava Region and the Executive Committee reports that the Safe City project has been launched in Kremenchuk. The contractor is the IT-Integrator company. Last year, Kremenchuk took part in the All-Ukrainian Public Budget of the Poltava region with the Safe City project.


Thanks to the indifference of the citizens who took an active part in the voting, the Kremenchuk project won and the city will receive funds from the state budget for its implementation.

The Safe City project includes a set of measures aimed at equipping streets, transport interchanges and crowded places with video surveillance cameras.  A situation centre will also be set up in the city to receive information from the cameras.  It will be possible to follow the situations and ongoing events in Kremenchuk online.

The project is currently underway. CCTV cameras are being installed in general secondary education institutions. First Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Pelypenko notes that the Safe City project will make Kremenchuk safer, as video cameras will be installed in all schools, at problematic intersections of city roads, at entrances and exits from the city, and in other public places. He says that it will be possible to see how these technologies are being implemented by the end of this year.

The city’s video surveillance system will fix and record events happening around the city, and the information will be transmitted to the situation centre, where decisions will be made on the appropriate response. If necessary, we will interact with law enforcement, the Ministry of Emergency Situations or medical personnel. This will help to reduce the number of emergencies, offences, deaths and injuries, as well as increase the level of crime detection.

Valentyn Herasymovych, Project Manager of Safe City of Kremenchuk, IT-Integrator: “It is not the first year that our company has been demonstrating concrete achievements and results in the development of Ukrainian cities and the introduction of innovations, security and mobility technologies to improve the security of Ukrainian cities and the comfort of our citizens. For Kremenchuk, this is just the beginning, which should be the right way to build a modern and safe city for the whole community. We hope that other cities in our region and the country as a whole will also pay attention to the urgent needs of people for whom safety and comfort are a priority.”


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