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A balanced and most efficient approach to technical support

The stylish Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell International (formerly Aloft Kiev Hotel), located in the heart of Kyiv's business and historical centre, is a modern 27-storey building with 310 rooms in an urban style with a comfortable restaurant and 4 ultra-modern conference halls.

How businesses overcome the “staff shortage” in the IT sector and competently solve technical support problems

IT-Integrator talks about cooperation with Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell and the benefits that a company can get by using IT outsourcing services



In today’s Ukrainian environment, successfully running an international hotel business is not an easy task. Owners, managers, and executives all have to be focused on the business, manage processes with great care, and, for obvious reasons, spend money very carefully, including on investments, all while maintaining fault tolerance, security, and, of course, the level of service. IT outsourcing is based on the latter three components, which, with a professional IT service provider and a balanced approach on the part of the customer, can in many cases provide the company with undeniable advantages, solve operational problems, save money and even competently formulate and maintain an IT strategy.

IT professionals are well aware that IT infrastructure is a “living organism” that requires constant development and does not forgive downtime. A modern business centre built from scratch yesterday and equipped with the latest technological advances will be outdated tomorrow and will not meet the current needs of users for comfort and functionality. New developments appear every day, software solutions must be constantly updated, and the infrastructure must undergo regular audits and be rebuilt if necessary. Needless to say, ongoing support is essential when a company has to ensure the operation of high-performance services for customer service, process large amounts of data on a daily basis, and constantly counter new cyber threats.

Prior to the start of cooperation with IT-Integrator, only some of the prerequisites for choosing a service model for IT support at Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell were outdated technical documentation that did not meet the realities of the business; chaotic procurement of new equipment; lack of own IT resources for qualified network and service support; vulnerabilities in the infrastructure; limited access to full management of own equipment; lack of a strategy and plan for the development of IT infrastructure.


Taking into account the above-mentioned urgent needs, IT-Integrator specialists proposed to implement a plan of qualitative changes, including:

  • Updating and systematising the hotel’s technical documentation
  • Evaluation of the areas of responsibility of the parties, including external contractors, supporting various hotel services (Internet, television, etc.)
  • Remediation of vulnerabilities and development of recommendations for further countering threats
  • A role-based model for administration and delineation of areas of responsibility was proposed and implemented: setting up appropriate accesses to manage equipment
  • Returning the network to the customer’s management and administration
  • Drawing up a plan and further migration of infrastructure (server and network)
  • Creating a development strategy, addressing problem areas and risks
  • Improving the level of services provided to hotel customers
  • Developing proposals for monetising services and, accordingly, increasing the company’s revenue


Despite the challenging times in Ukraine, Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell remains an exemplary example of an international hotel that meets the needs of its guests, drives current trends in tourism, leisure, restaurant, business and conference services, provides quality service and has a development plan. The constant improvement and provision of a high level of modern services demanded by customers is a key component of success.

For more than three years, IT-Integrator has been a provider of IT services for the hotel, providing advice on technical issues, serving as a reliable assistant in matters of innovative development and solving urgent service support issues. The network, servers and services of the hotel are under the reliable control of the integrator, while remaining under the full management and administration of the owner.

The companies are currently working under a service agreement, one of the key benefits of which is protection against the risks of technical staff turnover and cost savings.

In cooperation with the Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell team, we are constantly working to improve and develop our offerings, including monetisation options and improving hotel services, for example, through the sale of advertising, additional services such as high-speed and high-performance network access, and other automation options.

“My team and I have jointly decided to take a balanced and most effective approach to date – to find a reliable IT service provider that will not restrict our rights to influence technical processes and at the same time serve as our business assistant. Despite many factors, today Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell, together with the leading international operator and with the support of our technical partner IT-Integrator, continues to provide our customers with impeccable offers and European level of service,” said Tatiana Petrovich, General Manager, Sky Loft Hotel Kyiv by Rixwell.

“The Ukrainian environment constantly dictates new requirements. With the number and scale of infrastructure tasks constantly growing, new cyber threats appearing regularly, and IT resources becoming more scarce every day, it is worth looking for alternative technical support options to keep up productivity. Outsourcing all or part of the IT service functions is a well-known global practice with proven efficiency and benefits for the company. So, if you are currently at a crossroads, IT issues continue to accumulate without an effective solution, don’t waste precious time and try to find a reliable IT partner for your business,” said Dmytro Zhukovsky, Director of IT Department, IT-Integrator”.


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