“IT-Integrator” is the largest developer
and a provider of IT solutions for corporate
and public sectors
in Ukraine.

Prime PC is a reliable partner for critical infrastructure enterprises of Ukraine

Prime Computers is a Ukrainian manufacturer of personal computers that has been providing reliable and functional equipment to the largest enterprises and organizations in Ukraine for over 20 years. Production of computer equipment Prime is a production unit of the largest Ukrainian system integrator company "IT-Integrator".

High-quality computer equipment is critically important for enterprises that ensure the vital activity of our country – energy, transport, water supply, communication and finance. Here, technical equipment must work without interruption 24/7, even in case of unforeseen circumstances, process large volumes of data, use programs and applications, ensure reliability, security and efficiency of all systems.


Having assessed its own strength, in the spring of 2023 Prime PC took part in an open tender of one of the energy companies for the supply of specific technical equipment – data processing machines.

This project was quite a challenge for the Prime PC team, as the necessary equipment was manufactured by only one manufacturer. However, Prime’s engineering and technical specialists were able to develop and offer a unique technical configuration that meets all the customer’s requirements, is available and at the same time has a lower price than that of an exclusive manufacturer.

As a result, Middle Tower and Mini Tower workstations based on the Intel Core i5 processor were produced within the project. In the assembly process, components from the world’s leading manufacturers were also used: Asus, Micron, Advantech. Despite significant difficulties with the international logistics of components, all of them were received on time, which made it possible to meet the rather limited critical deadlines of production.

When executing this order, it was also very important to take into account the issues of cyber and physical security, which are on the agenda of critical infrastructure enterprises. That is why part of the order was designed and executed in the Mini form factor of the system unit, which has the advantage of ensuring the physical security of the equipment, which in the event of a threat can be easily taken with you and save extremely important data.

Andrii Bloshchynskyi, director of production of Prime PC: “We are glad to cooperate with the enterprise of critical infrastructure of Ukraine. We appreciate the trust in our company and products. Our team was able to choose a complex solution according to the request. It was a difficult challenge, but we successfully overcame it! I I once again made sure that our team of highly professional specialists can implement a project of any complexity at the highest level. I am proud of our team and grateful to engineering and technical specialists for such professional work.”


The Prime PC company is a leader in its segment on the Ukrainian PC and hardware manufacturing market and strives to improve its position. In the near future, the company plans to expand the model range of minicomputers and monoblocks in order to continue working for its customers and produce the best Ukrainian equipment for any needs.

In addition, Prime PC is ready to qualitatively and promptly fulfill the orders of state and commercial enterprises in the de-occupied territories for the supply of computer equipment and the restoration of the work of Ukrainian companies, which is already practically implemented, for example, in projects for the indomitable Kherson.

Also, Prime PC performs work on updating PCs, installing the operating system and additional software according to the customer’s requirements, and also helps to fully equip Ukrainian enterprises that have left for EU countries, manufacturing and delivering any batch of reliable and modern Ukrainian PCs by its own transport for work, study and business.

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