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#CyberSkillUp. SOC – realities

Recently, we have observed an intensification of the actions of criminals who carry out cyber attacks on state and private companies. Such crimes are prepared not in one day or even a month, and are carefully planned, calculated to cause maximum damage to the attacked.

We at IT-Integrator work a lot on the cyber security of Ukrainian companies, keeping our finger on the pulse of innovations developed by world leaders in IT solutions.

It’s no secret that knowledge saves lives, and in this case, when it comes to cybersecurity, cybersecurity skills and information security awareness can really save the “life” of the company you work for.

So, together with Cisco, we offer to upgrade your cyber security skills.

In our new regular column #CyberSkillUp, we will talk about complicated things in simple words, give effective advice, share expert opinions and useful materials in the direction of corporate cyber protection.

Don’t give the enemies a chance, give them a decent answer!

Round 1

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a combination of people, processes, and technologies that protect an organization’s information systems through proactive design and configuration, continuous monitoring of system health, detection of unintended actions or unwanted conditions, and minimizing damage from unwanted events.

Typical ??? services:

  • Responding to incidents
  • Monitoring and detection of security breaches
  • SOC technology support
  • Security management
  • Digital forensics
  • Compliance support
  • Threat research
  • Handwritten testing
  • Data protection and monitoring
  • Restoration
  • Safety Roadmap and Planning
  • Security Architecture/Engineering
  • Red teams
  • Purple team
  • Other activities

The main challenges faced by ???, which usually prevent quality work:

  • People: not enough people, not enough experts, not enough time
  • Events and Priorities: Again, not enough time, lots of manual work, bugs and false positives
  • SIEM: Expensive, data intensive, focus on compliance
  • SOAR: Too much effort to implement
  • EDR: Limited coverage, too many alerts
  • NDR: Too many notifications, limited responsiveness
  • E-mail: sophisticated phishing
  • IaaS: Lack of Visibility

How to deal with these challenges, the answer is ???! What this term means and why it arose – we will tell you in the next round of #????????????.

Follow up!

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#CyberSkillUp. SOC – realities
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