“IT-Integrator” is the largest developer
and a provider of IT solutions for corporate
and public sectors
in Ukraine.

Cloud services

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Regardless of type, size, and industry every organization needs Cloud Computing. Cloud can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including data backup, disaster recovery, software development and testing, big data analytics, email systems, virtual desktops, and customer-oriented Internet applications.

Many years of experience in the IT and cloud services market allows us to accurately determine the needs of customers, use each case to develop and improve the quality of the service provided.

For our clients we are:

  • Trusted partners: we take on some of the functionality and responsibility for the legal registration of relationships with different providers. The client receives a single entry point and a convenient contract with official reporting and in national currency.
  • Specialists with the necessary competencies: we combine and integrate many services into one or more new services, providing integration and secure data transfer between the cloud of several cloud providers and the consumer.
  • Helping the client: solving disputable situations between the client and the provider and the issues of using a particular solution for the implementation of services.

Benefits for the customer’s business:

  • Unified point of interaction
  • Single contract in national currency with full accounting support and with SLA for the implemented solution
  • A team that supports the client from planning to implementation and maintenance
  • Manageability and control of the integration of cloud services into the existing infrastructure
  • Time economy for searching of a cloud service and testing it
  • Mitigation of risks associated with possible hidden additional costs when choosing a consumption model
  • Complete information on Recommended Cloud Provider/Vendor

Our capabilities as a partner:

  • Data center – Design, development, construction
  • Audit and implementation / selection of the optimal solution
  • Selection, testing, deployment
  • Installation, configuration, support of the selected solution
  • Reseller of services, audit and selection of a supplier for the needs of the client

Services provided:

Cloud migration

Our solutions are based on the products of the world's leading manufacturers:


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