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Visualization system for monitoring center

Zaporizhstal - one of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine, whose products are widely known and in demand among consumers in the domestic market and in many countries around the world. Specialization of the Works is production of high-quality steel h/r coils, h/r sheets and cold-rolled sheets, c/r coils made of carbon and low-alloyed steel grades as well as steel strips, black tin steel, roll-formed shapes.The principal consumers of the Works’ products are the manufacturers of the welded pipes, the enterprises of automobile, transport, and agricultural machine building industry, manufacturers of the domestic appliances.

Project’s background

Zaporizhstal has the experience of implementation of innovative solutions. For a short period, enterprise implemented a number of projects that bring the plant to world-class companies. One of the main innovation areas is automation, which factory is emplementing for several years. The top of the “iceberg” is a plant’s dispatch, where the professionals are able to control all the processes online. The visualization system or in other words a video wall is an important tool, necessary to perform the monitoring functions, the responsibility for which bears the supervisor.

Solution and results

The main contractor during implementation of the project was “IT-Integrator” company. Implemented video wall features the main engineering solutions, including the screen of collective use, air conditioning systems and power supplies, switching equipment, installation of components, etc.
One of the central tasks of the project was the integration of the process control system, CCTV, web data on one screen in real-time.

Integrator’s team was able to meet all of the stated customer requirements to the system: to implement the operational information output from any production area, to provide simple and reliable control visualization and operation of complex 24/7/365.

Video technologies and their proper use have become an objective necessity for enterprises which is committed to the current level of control of technological processes. As a result, “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works received a robust system in line with current innovation trends, with wide opportunities for its further development.

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