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Smart wireless IT infrastructure for OKKO

Galnaftogaz is the leading Ukrainian company, one of the leaders on the oil market; its main activity is retail sale of fuel and related products through network of filling stations OKKO. Another important activity is realization of consumer products in the shops at petrol stations. Galnaftogaz also sells petroleum products to large and small wholesalers and provides storage and transportation services of oil products. Company also operates the largest in Ukraine catering network on the road, including 41 restaurants, under such brands as A la minute, Pasta Mia and Meiwei.

Most companies in the current environment are looking for competitive advantages and choose the way of business model transformation.

Thus, operators are transformed into complex IT and telecommunications companies, and gas stations, for example, are expanding their range of products and services to full retail players.

The network of filling stations “OKKO” is increasing its scale due to the opening of shops, cafés and themed restaurants. “Galnaftogaz”, which owns the network, chose the way of high-quality interaction with their clients and service level improvement.

In this regard, it has appeared the task of providing of wireless internet for about 400 filling stations with access control for employees’ and customers’ use. However, the organization of the wireless data network was not the unique aim, since the customer intended to use advanced features and additional services of Wi-Fi.

Filling stations guests’ connections were organized according to the requirements of access easiness, so for “OKKO” customers connection technology has been implemented through the advertising portal.

The process of connection depends on the device platform that the client uses. After connecting to an open Wi-Fi network a web browser automatically or manually is run with “OKKO” portal home page, where the user logs on to the network.

In addition, the solution provides an alternative method of connection – through your personal account to Facebook. This method enables the company to get more personalized data of its customers, and the customer – special promotions and offers.

The decision to combine the two methods of connecting through the portal and Facebook has been caused by the desire to provide an alternative choice to customers and provide the most comfortable conditions for them. Once connected, users are automatically redirected to the client page in the social network, where “OKKO” always promptly inform their subscribers about news, promotions and also makes it possible to communicate in real time.

Oleksiy Sevonkin, Telecommunication Department, “IT-Integrator” LLC: “In addition to high-quality wireless access for 400 filling stations “OKKO” within the project it was planned to implement the analytical capabilities of Cisco Connected Mobile Experience Systems (CMX) on the basis of Wi-Fi – the collection of data from all the petrol stations in a single database. Information is being accumulated and can be analyzed by the company for decision-making solutions in marketing, sales, loyalty and so forth.”


Cisco CMX features can significantly extend the functionality of Wi-Fi solutions, providing a number of unique advantages. The system displays a real-time list of all recorded regions and forms a set of analytical reports. System administrators in the online mode can track the number of detected clients (those who have enabled Wi-Fi on the device) and user connects to the network to realize how often they are at the gas station, and, accordingly, offer unique selling propositions.

Oleksiy Sevonkin, Telecommunication Department, “IT-Integrator” LLC: “A key benefit of the implemented project is that “OKKO” not only provides a safe and reliable Internet access for its clients to obtain useful information for their business, but also has the opportunity due to analytical tools to give them a unique personalized offers and promotions. While a user connected to a corporate network or not, it falls into the analytical report, allowing us to draw conclusions and analytical predictions. By providing high-quality Wi-Fi for all points of service, “OKKO” has received a distinct competitive advantage, allowing to be closer to customers and better understand their needs”.


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