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Modernization of the corporate network for PoltavaGasVydobuvannya

The Gas Production Division “PoltavaGasVydobuvannya” is one of the leading production enterprises that are part of JSC "UkrGasVydobuvannya". The division develops 42 hydrocarbon fields in the eastern and central parts of Ukraine (Poltava, Kharkiv, Sumy and Dnipropetrovsk regions).

IT-Integrator has modernized the corporate network for the Gas Production Division “PoltavaGasVydobuvannya”. This project is very important for increasing the level of energy independence of the country – it is necessary for calculating and modeling the implementation of the gas production plan.

The specialists deployed a local network of 350 workstations based on equipment from global manufacturers Cisco Systems, Panduit, APC by Schneider Electric, Dell and others.

The network was deployed in the eight-story building “PoltavaGasVydobuvannya”. The implemented solution became a platform for organizing additional services and solved the following important customer tasks:

  • Increased speed and fault tolerance of the local area network;
  • Wi-Fi protected wireless network based on Cisco equipment was built, which simplifies access to corporate resources for specialists from other divisions during business trips;
  • Implemented a system for accounting for personal printing on corporate resources;

“Modernization of the local network has increased the capacity and security of PoltavaGasVydobuvannya’s corporate resources. The new platform allows the company to introduce new services and development programs. Thanks to the implemented project, the management is ready to implement the ERP system, the monitoring system for produced liquid hydrocarbons, and other automated systems. Our company is grateful to customers for the opportunity to contribute to the development of one of the segments of the country’s energy independence,” says Denys Sliusarchyk, Director of Engineering Solutions Department at IT-Integrator.


The engineers of IT-Integrator placed network equipment in Rittal switching cabinets. Redundant power with the ability to remotely manage battery status and power performance was provided using uninterruptible power supplies from APC by Schneider Electric. The surface cabinets were connected by a high-speed fibre-optic communication line based on Panduit equipment.

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