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Modernization of the corporate computer network for Antonov SE

State Enterprise "ANTONOV" was founded on May 31, 1946 under the leadership of the outstanding aircraft designer Oleh Kostiantynovych Antonov. During all this time, the team of the enterprise has created more than a hundred types and modifications of passenger, transport and specialized aircraft, manufactured in more than 22,000 copies.

IT-Integrator has launched a large-scale project to modernize the corporate network for the information and computer complex of “Antonov” SE, the domestic aircraft manufacturer.

This project was started in December last year, it will improve the structured cabling system of the enterprise to the level of world standards. Its implementation is extremely important for the aircraft industry, since it will allow “Antonov” SE to significantly increase the efficiency of all operating processes.

At the end of July, the specialists of IT-Integrator successfully completed the first stage of the project. The company deployed a new local area network based on equipment from the Swiss manufacturer R&M, which designs and manufactures components and solutions for building structured cabling systems. Parts of the corporate network of “Antonov” SE, which functioned before the start of the project, were modernized and integrated with the new system.

At the next stage of the project, a network will be deployed that will cover almost all employees of the enterprise’s working buildings located in the Sviatoshynskyi district of the capital.

“Our specialists have done everything possible to ensure the fastest and most convenient network upgrade for our customer. It is a great honor for us to help improve the efficiency of business processes of such a serious strategic enterprise as “Antonov” SE”, says Olena Bolatova, the Deputy Director of the Department for Public Sector Relations of IT-Integrator.

“Modernization of our working network has increased the capacity and security of corporate resources. The implementation of the project will allow us to have a fault-tolerant, durable and reliable system, on the basis of which it is possible to carry out the planned modernization of the enterprise’s IT infrastructure in the future”, comments Serhii Kruk, the Head of the Telephony and SCS Division of “Antonov” SE.


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