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Modernization of contact centers for VOLIA providers

VOLIA is a nationwide Ukrainian telecommunications provider that renders modern telecommunication services: analog, digital, HD and interactive TV “VOLIA Smart HD”, high-speed Internet access, as well as cloud solutions and services of the largest data center in Ukraine. Among the well-known shareholders of the company are PROVIDENCE EQUITY PARTNERS, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), GOLDMAN SACHS, UBS AG., SIGMA BLEYSER. VOLIA was recognized as the best provider of digital entertainment of the year according to the International Competition “Choice of the Year 2015” and “Choice of the Year 2016”

The project provided for the introduction of a flexible mechanism for distributing calls between the company’s own and partner contact centers.

The main task facing the IT-Integrator’s specialists was the provision of servers, voice gateways and software. The solution was designed and implemented on the basis of Cisco equipment.

As part of the project, IT-Integrator also ensured the effective integration of the software and hardware complex with the provider’s existing systems, which significantly increased the number of calls that operators can handle. The result of the project was the creation of a modern and reliable platform for interaction with VOLIA clients.

Anton Kryventsov, the architect of the contact center of the IT-Integrator: “This was one of the most interesting and technological projects for the implementation of contact centers in the corporate telecom sector in 2017. Due to the fact that the processing of each call is closely integrated with the customer’s IT systems, the main challenge of the project was to plan and implement continuous development and implementation of ready-made functionality, followed by a phased migration of services to a new platform. We are proud that we were able to become a worthy partner in the project for VOLIA, the leader in this industry”.


At the moment, two call-centers of the company are actively working, they are located in Kyiv and Khmelnytsk. The contact center modernization process took place in 3 stages and, in general, took 8 months.

Stage I. Automation of processes within the “Tele-marketing” division.

Stage II. Launch of the main functionality of the contact center for processing incoming and outgoing calls.

Stage III. Automation of CSAT and Cisco Pot Call Survey questionnaire processes, development of a customized reporting package.

A special web-application-add-on was also developed in IVR for operational management of configurations and service scenarios.

Anton Maslov, the Head of the Department of Information and Consulting Services of VOLIA says that: “A call center is a direct connection between the subscriber and the company; therefore we are interested in increasing the efficiency of this channel. The faster and better we can service calls, the more satisfied our client will be, which means that the level of customer satisfaction in general and the desire to recommend our company will increase. We are pleased to announce the completion of the project to modernize the platform of call-centers of the VOLIA company in partnership with IT-integrator and look forward to when our subscribers will be able to evaluate the results of joint work. Now the subscriber will wait for the line on average from 1 to 5 minutes, which is significantly less than this indicator in the past”.

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