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The Ukrainian retail leader improved the performance of key information services

The Fozzy Group is by far the largest trade and industrial group in Ukraine and one of the leading Ukrainian retailers with more than 600 retail outlets throughout the country. In addition to retail chains, the business interests of the group of companies include food production, banking and restaurant business. Since its foundation in 1997, Fozzy Group has focused on innovative business development, creating new opportunities for the market and the industry as a whole.

Project prerequisites

It is important for a national-scale company to maintain business processes under constant control, and this is possible only in case of perfect operation of information systems and applications.

After the news about the discontinuation of the Cisco ACE load balancer, Fozzy Group was busy with the selection of a new solution.


Practical tests conducted by the IT implementation partner, the IT-Integrator company, confirmed that the BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) solution from the F5 Networks company optimally and most accurately meets the customer’s requests.

Obtained results

The main task of LTM is to fully manage traffic in the “user-application server” chain, creating a sufficient level of protection and optimizing the load on corporate storage. Thus, as a result of the project, the customer received a decent level of flexibility and management, which simplified the operation of the systems when the number of applications increased, eliminating possible downtime and increasing the level of reliability of the entire infrastructure.

Vadym Zaparovaniy, leading network project manager, “IT-Integrator”: “Fozzy Group needed to minimize device downtime and limit users from possible system failures to ensure reliable functioning of services. F5 Local hardware solution for traffic management was chosen Traffic Manager contributed to risk segmentation of each component of the IT system and optimization of work through operational deployment of applications and, as a result, efficient use of company resources.”

Leonid Didenko, head of IT service, Fozzy Group: “Fozzy Group implements modern solutions in all areas of activity. Investments in improving business processes help the company maintain leading positions in the retail market. Based on our ambitions, the question of choosing reliable equipment that can support key information services are our priority. And when it comes to so-called long-term solutions, i.e. with the possibility of further expansion depending on the scale and complexity of the company’s tasks, we are even more critical about the selection.”


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