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The progressive way of Kyivenergo development

PJSC Kyivenergo is a unique power-combined complex of heat and power central, thermal and electric systems, commissioning, repair and construction, transportation and other departments to provide the Ukrainian capital of electrical and thermal energy.

Daily work around the clock and providing with uninterrupted services to the public seven days a week and holidays – is not an easy deal. Resiliency and reliability of the infrastructure of an organization such as Kyivenergo, have a direct impact on the energy security of the capital.

Every year the exchange of information flow is increasing, transforming paper collaboration into an e-mail interaction.

Existing passive network equipment fully ceased to meet the needs of a constantly evolving company, which in addition aggravated by the need to create new jobs. Also certain equipment base required replacement due to failure.

For this case expert team of “IT-Integrator” company was involved for building a modern and reliable structured cabling systems (SCS) in the office and industrial premises of Kievenergo.

According to the goals of the project the upgrade of existing SCS, and also construction of a completely new infrastructure in different locations were provided.The customer choosed the components of the world’s leading manufacturers – Panduit, Conteg and DKC, relying on their reliability and resiliency, as well as guarantee support from the integrator.

To sum the quantitative results of the project. Construction and modernization of networks was completed in 6 Kyivenergo office buildings located in Kiev. 500 SCS ports, 28,670 meters of cable UTP category 5e, 6, wiring closets and 1 box of 300 meters were implemented. Built system meets the stated requirements and international standards.

Due to years of experience and expertise of the project team integrator acted not only as a contractor, but rather as an advisor to the customer. It is no coincidence, considering the results of the project, the company decided to enroll cooperation with “IT-Integrator” in the future further projects.

Elena Pitsur, the project manager, “IT-Integrator”: “Energy is one of those industries, which requires constant monitoring and, at the same time, openness to innovation. New SCS certainly perform tasks entrusted to it, becoming the foundation for a consistent infrastructure development company”.


As a result, the “Networks and Business” magazine chose the above project as the most successful implementation of SCS for the energy sector for 2015.

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