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Аudiovisual complex as an effective communication instrument

SoftServe — is the largest global IT company with Ukrainian roots specializing in software development and consultancy services. Since 1993 the Company has realized more than 3500 projects for more than 150 leading companies all over the world. Today SoftServe has business branches and development centers in 29 cities and 9 countries.

SoftServe is expanding the market, actively developing IT industry in Ukraine. For these reasons the company decided to build a new business center in Lviv, which would become the company’s Europe head office.

One of the key requirement was the design of professional conference hall to organize different events in future like meetings, presentations, seminars etc.


To realize the customer’s request “IT-Integrator” proposed to implement innovative audio-video complex. The solution should be multipurpose and flexible with different configurations.

Being a leading system integrator, “IT-Integrator” confirmed a high competences level and proposed several varieties of audio-video solution.

Building conference hall’s audio-video complex consists of:

  • Information display system (screen with projector and monitors)
  • Sound system (different microphone’s configurations, acoustic system, digital audio mixer, amplifier)
  • Audio-video management system
  • Information sources system (cameras, access points)
  • Switching system (matrix switcher, video format converters, cable network)

“IT-Integrator” used a wide line of equipment, made by different vendors: Epson, ClearOne, Kramer, Cypress, AtlasSound etc.

Using innovative audio-video technologies, the companу received a lot of benefits, such as rising of communications quality and work efficiency.

At the end of the project customer had got a modern conference hall with wide opportunities.

During the implementation, audio-video complex was integrated with current Cisco IP system and software (Lync, Webex, Skype). In future SoftServe plans to develop the solution, integrate it with existing hardware video solutions.

Ilya Datsenko, head of the project, IT-Integrator: “Audio-video complex has got to be a usual instrument for modern buildings. Nevertheless they are constantly developing, and within any new project we propose our clients more advanced technological possibilities. Our team has an experience in integration of audio-video solutions with many other systems, that enables us to provide innovativeness and maximum efficiency of our solutions”.

Andrew Zababuryn, IT Service Desk Director, SoftServe: According to the results of the project, we have a clear and  flexible complex that is easy to manage. It helps us to solve our tasks and satisfies the needs of our business“.

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