Industrial Internet of Things solutions (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things solutions (IIoT)

IT Integrator offers Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions based on the most popular wireless data transmission standard LoRaWAN.

The popularity of this standard is due to the use of unlicensed frequency range, which provides long-distance network data transmission and at the same time can support a large number of low-power industrial subscriber devices using conventional batteries in the autonomous mode for up to 10 years.

These advantages offer a possibility to provide modern services much cheaper compared to competing technologies such as NB-IoT / 3G / LTE, which can be used in many industries to understand consumer needs in real time, increase efficiency, instantly improve the quality of machines and systems, optimize operations and search for innovative methods of work on digital transformations of modern enterprises.


Products and solutions:

- Smar Agro

Farm Management System is a modern solution for agribusiness management based on an online platform designed for integrated management automation, which covers almost all areas of real-time work, namely: automation of engineering services, precision farming, agronomy and plant control, including optimization of fertilizers usage and soil irrigation, crop monitoring and yield forecasting, tracking of hourly and daily work, productivity and movement of machinery and others.

- Smart City

As part of the"Smart City"  concept as a single system in which urban communications, information technology and IoT devices are organically interconnected, we offer the following:

  • Smart housing - a solution for remote collection of data from meters,  heating networks, boiler and refrigeration equipment, HVAC equipment;
  • Smart lighting - a solution for intelligent lighting of city streets and industrial enterprises;
  • Smart parking - a solution for managing parking lots;
  • Video surveillance and security control;
  • Monitoring the state of urban infrastructure (pipelines, gas pipelines, manholes, garbage cans ...);
  • Monitoring of urban transport;
  • Monitoring of air quality, noise and radioactive pollution;
  • Early detection of fires (forest belts, industrial enterprises of critical infrastructure).

- Smart Enterprise

As a part of the "Smart Enterprise" concept we offer solutions for monitoring:

  • Condition of industrial equipment (temperature, vibration…);
  • Security and control over moving objects;
  • Condition of premises (temperature, humidity, flooding)

All of these solutions and many more can be implemented as part of our IIoT specialization based on Cisco Systems technology solutions.