About company

"IT-Integrator" is the largest developer and supplier of IT solutions for the corporate and public sectors in Ukraine. The main areas of work are information security, data centers, basic IT infrastructure, network infrastructure, contact centers, management and monitoring systems, engineering infrastructure, cloud services. We offer a full range of IT services – from equipment sales to audit, design, consulting and support services.

"IT-Integrator" has been working in the Ukrainian IT market for 20 years. We are partners with over 40 international vendors. We have more than 100 Enterprise customers and a branch network throughout Ukraine.

Since 2014, the company has been annually going through a financial control procedure by independent auditors, confirming its compliance with international financial reporting standards. The results of the 2020 audit can be found at the link below.

The first woman-friendly technology company in Ukraine

In 2019, "IT-Integrator" became the first woman-friendly technology company in Ukraine and received the Best Company for Women Certificate from the initiative of the Technology Pact for Women in STEM.

Flexible Schedule in "IT-Integrator"

In 2020, the company launched the Flexitime 2020 – a flexible work schedule. Employees of the company can now choose:

  • the place where they work
  • a day to work at home
  • start and end time of the working day

Regulations on flexible scheduling

The quality management system, the environmental management system and the information security management system are certified for compliance with the following standards: