Web-traffic filtration - Cisco Scan Safe

With the increase in the number of Internet users problems with providing of uncontrolled access have risen. The main risks are concerned with changes in the type of content: traditional static content is being replaced by dynamic as well as user-generated, which greatly exacerbates the problem of effective protection of organization's network.

To solve these problems we recommend to use filtering system of web traffic - Cisco ScanSafe, which allows to:

  • Protect your network from unwanted Internet content
  • Increase productivity by limiting the time visiting Internet resources not related to the performance of official duties
  • Optimize network performance by reducing the load

Tools of web-sites division on 50 categories with support of multilingual domains and global reach provide the Cisco ScanSafe solution with efficiency to control access to Internet content regardless of location and method of access to Internet.

The solution is based on the ScanSafe cloud service and enables to improve the level of security and reduce costs by 40%, because organizations do not need to purchase, deploy and maintain the equipment, which is usually installed on the customer side.