Management and monitoring systems

Management and monitoring systems

Despite the type of activity and the scale of the company, today's realities force the use of various automated tools. At the same time, with the scaling up of business, more and more is plunged into operational management, not paying due importance to the strategic planning of its IT resources and the burden on them.

The criticality of management and administration of the IT environment comes to the surface, as a rule, by the time the company has already made a number of serious mistakes: to accumulate an unjustified amount of obsolete and unnecessary equipment and software, to update the previously installed services in time, to solve one and use the same applications, etc.

Of course, automating processes is critical, and the earlier you start to do this, ahead of your competitors, the more chances your business has to achieve its goals. But it should be remembered that with the introduction of IT, it is very important to automate the management of infrastructure.

According to the results of the Microsoft survey, among 400 international companies more than 50% of daily operations related to IT management are implemented manually. With this approach, after 5 years of operation of IT systems, more than 60% of its total cost will have to be maintained by the staff of specialists for administration.

Modern companies badly need to automate the management of the IT environment, and the company "IT-Integrator" is ready to offer its services in this direction.