Data Centers

Data Centers

Professional services of the construction of highly reliable data centers to ensure continuous operation of the IT services.

Company' approach to the implementation is guided by the key factors of new generation data centers: modern design, the growth of environmental consciousness, the tendency to compaction and cloud computing.

Project approach

  • Full cycle of projects realization
  • Expertise in management of high-tech and geographically distributed projects
  • Modern instruments of Project Management
  • Designing based on vendors methodologies, local standards, ITIL etc

Products and solutions

  • DC systems’ audit and design
  • IT and engineer infrastructure implementation
  • Distributed disaster recovery Data Centers
  • Software-defined IT infrastructure
  • DC encryption
  • Management, monitoring and dispatching
  • Data Centers service support and outsourcing
  • Computing infrastructure
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure
  • Engineering infrastructure