Сontact Сenters

Сontact Сenters

Contact Centers' technologies are driven by such trends as multichannel communications and ubiquitous use of technologies, aimed at creating a new level of customer service. Today, first of all, if company is looking for contact center's implementation or modernization, it will choose the solution due to its functionality, security and innovativeness. Moreover, the system integrator's experience appears to be a half the battle of sucessfull contact center's implementation and its integration with key external communication channels. 

IT-Integrator Company has a wide partnership experience with different vendors and a large number of implemented projects for various verticals and organizations.  

At the same time the company has the unique competences to integrate Contact Centers with a large number of automated systems, that are daily used by business to communicate with external and internal clients, partners, subsidiaries etc.   

Products and Solutions

  • Contact Centers' implementation and development
  • Contact Centers integration with various systems (CRM etc.)
  • Corporate call recording systems
  • IVR and its integration with information systems
  • Natural Language Understanding Systems
  • Loyalty systems
  • Speech Analytics
  • Workforce Management Solutions (WFM)