Сontact Сenters

Сontact Сenters

Nowadays, when creating  or upgrading a contact center it is of utmost importance to choose a solution based  on its functionality, reliability and, last but not the least, innovations. Moreover, the integrator’s experience appears to be a half the battle in contact center’s implementation and integration of a key external communication channels.

"IT-Integrator" has a wide range of partnership experience  

At the same time the company has the unique competences to integrate Contact Centers with a large number of automated systems, that are daily used by business to communicate with external and internal clients, partners, subsidiaries etc.   

Products and Solutions

  • Contact Centers' implementation and development
  • Contact Centers integration with various systems (CRM etc.)
  • Corporate call recording systems
  • IVR and its integration with information systems
  • Speech recognition systems
  • Loyalty programs
  • Speech Analytics
  • Workforce Management Solutions (WFM)