Advanced IT infrastructure for "Galnaftogaz Concern"

"Galnaftogaz" is the leading Ukrainian company, one of the leaders on the oil market; its main activity is retail sale of fuel and related products through network of filling stations "OKKO".  Another important activity is realization of consumer products in the shops at petrol stations. "Galnaftogaz" also sells petroleum products to large and small wholesalers and provides storage and transportation services of oil products. Company also operates the largest in Ukraine catering network on the road, including 41 restaurants, under such brands as A la minute, Pasta Mia and Meiwei..

"Galnaftogaz" has a competent approach to the development of the company's IT infrastructure. One of the objectives in the framework of innovation and efficiency improvement work was the construction of modern wireless IT infrastructure for the main office, located in Lviv. The solution was implemented on the basis of Cisco centralized fault-tolerant architecture and Cisco Identity Services Engine access control system.

Now for connecting guests to the office wireless network is sufficient to use the portal or self-refer to the Secretary, who, entering the guest data, provide login and password for a secure connection by automatically sending an SMS to the user number.

Access for personnel to corporate resources is implemented using Cisco ISE, allowing spreading of security policies across the network and implementing access control for each employee.

Closing the task of providing wireless connectivity for the "OKKO" gas stations' staff, it was necessary to provide a number of important advantages: mobility of employees, secure and controlled access and user authentication. All this has been achieved due to the use of advanced Cisco wireless access architecture and the above mentioned Cisco ISE access control system. With the ability to access control, the employees using corporate tablets and other mobile devices securely connect to the corporate network to various information resources depending on their role in the company.

In the future, it is possible to integrate ISE system with existing Mobile Device Management solution. The company also consider the option of subsequent implementing of BYOD concept - using staff's personal devices in the corporate network.

Building a "smart" wireless infrastructure network in "OKKO"