Power consumption management - Cisco Energy Management Suite

In our days it is obvious that there is increasing attention to the monitoring and control of organizations’ power consumption because of corporate restrictions, rising energy costs, regulatory requirements and so forth. At the same time, IT equipment ranks the second place with a share of 25% of electricity consumption within the organization. That is why companies are worried about increasing IT energy efficiency.

Cisco Energy Solution Management Suite reduces energy costs due to increasing of energy efficiency by measuring and controlling of devices connected to company’s IT systems.

The solution provides:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Automatic analysis of consumer power, operating temperature, CO2 emissions for further optimizing the use of electricity
  • Operational return on investment (ROI) from 6 months
  • Ability to integrate devices from different manufacturers into a single console for subsequent monitoring of energy consumption and electricity cost management

Cisco Energy Management Suite is offered as a cloud service without having to purchase the equipment on the customer side, that increases the attractiveness of the solution and reduces the initial costs.