Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a single infrastructure for competent business support. The main objective of the solution is to simplify the process of working. Microsoft guarantees the availability of Office 365 services for 99.9% of time. Documents are available for opening and editing, regardless of which device you are using and where you are.

Office 365 is not just remote access to documents. The solution consists of the Office suite, which includes products:

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Power Point
  • File Storage 1TB per user with the possibility of sharing
  • Outlook e-mail client with the possibility of mail, contacts, personal calendar, with a dedicated space at 50 GB per user.

Office 365 package offers a lot of advantages and useful features for users:

  • Teamwork (simultaneous access to shared files, documents and materials, conducting video conferences, chat)
  • Set of necessary office tools
  • One license can be used on multiple devices
  • Access from anywhere
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, devices of different OS (Android, Windows, iOS)
  • The availability of all possible modern communication tools: email, chat, social networking, video conferencing
  • A reliable tool for data storage
  • Constant for updates
  • Ability to connect to the Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online products and Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Office 365 Integrated solution provides companies a single cloud infrastructure, workspace and storage area for documents
  • The ability to separate the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online product and Social Engagement (availability of service with the index of 99.9% is achieved even in case of natural disasters)
  • Ability to connect to Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Power BI products.

Microsoft provides its clients with different types of subscriptions, so each customer has choice, depending on the goals and business opportunities.

Recommended tariff plans:

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Why should You purchase Microsoft services from "IT-Integrator" company?

  • Depending on the scenario of cloud products and the availability of solutions already deployed in the infrastructure "IT-Integrator" offers a variety of options for their co-operation and integration
  • Standard or extended support from vendor may be supplemented by specialized options (response and identify the causes of malfunction, etc.), depending on the criticality of systems
  • Within "IT-Integrator" support there is the possibility of remote presence in the workplace, thereby increasing the speed of response and service solutions issue and simplifying its transfer to vendor’s support service.

Company proposals are not limited to the “box” products such as Office365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and include the necessary consulting, customization and adaptation of products to specific customer problems. Depending on the problems raised, project-based approach to their elaboration and implementation can be offered, including the participation of "IT-Integrator" experts.

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