Electronic docflow

Bureaucratic procedures relating to the documents' preparation and approval, significantly slow down the decision-making processes and management efficiency. Therefore, more and more companies are choosing the automated docflow, implementing modern approaches and workflow platforms.

"IT-Integrator" company offers services on electronic document management system (EDS) implementation, based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, for ensuring the processes of creating, monitoring, access control and distribution of the documents, submitted in a digital form.

EDS avoids paperwork and implements the concept of the modern office.


The main functionality:

  • Personal user account
  • Simultaneous collective work on documents
  • The ability to change the operational workflows
  • Fast approvals process
  • Edit documents history
  • Documents templates
  • Analytical reports
  • Electronic digital signature
  • Quick search of documents in a single archive and so forth.


Due to the improvement of processes, the amount of documents that pass through managers, significantly reduced. The system records every step of the users and their passage through a specific path, avoiding the "manipulation" with documents, for example, delay, substitution, signature "retroactively" and so forth.

Support for documents' versioning helps to determine when and who made certain changes. After document's approval it is signed by electronic signature according to the Ukrainian legislation and protected from changes. Full fixation of all users' actions enables to create high-quality and flexible analytical reports to find "weaknesses" or processes stop reasons.

For public institutions Presidential Administration of Ukraine has developed and distributes free electronic document management system that can be adapted to the specific needs of the organization. "IT-Integrator" company has been trained and passed through the necessary certification process at UTA, and finally received the right to provide services for the EDS implementation.

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