Cloud IT infrastructure - Cisco Meraki

Rapid deployment, simplified administration and versatility of cloud solution for building IT infrastructure of small or medium-sized company.

The solution includes wireless infrastructure, wired infrastructure, elements of security with centralized management via cloud technologies.

As one of the components of Cisco Meraki solution - Cloud Managed Wi-Fi includes a complete and reliable set of functions from the "box" without having to purchase additional hardware and provides:

  • Automatic control of the network in real-time, monitoring of network’s status and capacity for work and notifications of errors and events
  • Fast deployment with the optimization of hardware resources
  • Dynamic allocation of radio channels and optimization of access points power
  • Ability to identify the physical location of users connected to the wireless access system and provide analytic data
  • Integration with social networks

Such opportunities are provided by cloud solution with centralized monitoring and management of wireless Wi-Fi network with the ability to generate various reports about network functionality.

For organization of high-grade Wi-Fi solution it is enough to install Meraki access points and connect to the center cloud-management system within the reliable Internet channels. Cloud-solution does not require a hardware access points’ controller, thus reducing the initial cost of deployment.